Becky Webb Guynn is a genre painter. Working primarily in watercolor and mixed media, capturing well-known and well-loved places, often things we see every day. Before her brush ever hits paper, she spends quite a bit of time taking numerous photographs and waiting for the right light, or angle.

A  native to Galax, she shares her love of here through her painting. Becky is a graduate of Longwood University with a BFA in Fine Arts with an emphasis on printmaking and graphic design. She is presently the vice-chairman of the Chestnut Creek School of the Arts board of directors and enjoys taking classes at the school as well. She was a participant in the City of Galax Public Art Fiddle project. Her fiddle is on permanent display on Main Street in front of Felts Park.

When The Saints Go
Marching In

Becky has used her art in creative ways and has provided funds for several fundraising projects. The most recent was by partnering with The Baton Rouge Arts Council’s ‘Creative Relief Program’ to help artists in Baton Rouge with great losses in the 2016 flood. A similar project was successful in 2005 for the folks in New Orleans affected by Katrina. This was done by partnering with the Red Cross.

She is a member of City Gallery, a co-op of local artisans in Downtown Galax,where she displays and sells originals and prints of her work. The gallery has been active since 2005.